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Milton H. Erickson

People don’t come to therapy to change their past, but to change their future.

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Hypnotherapy is a process that utilises the powerful technique of hypnosis to bring about positive change to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour.

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NLP was developed by observing the behaviours of successful people to see what made them a success, and then distilling it into a repeatable process. NLP enables you to "re-program" your brain, and therefore change behaviours and improve performance.

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Andy Urwin
Hypnotherapy and NLP to remove the barriers to a happy and fulfilling life

It’s natural for us to create behaviours that are useful to us, and make our life easier. However, these behaviours can eventually outlive their usefulness, and can even hold us back and stop us from living life to the full.

Hypnotherapy and NLP offer a wide range of techniques that can help to break these unhelpful behaviour patterns, in a way that is natural, and in harmony with the person you are.

What they are saying

  • Andrew’s confident, yet accommodating style was key in creating a safe and relaxed environment in which to carry out the hypnotherapy sessions. Having never undertaken hypnotherapy, I was amazed to experience such immediate and positive results. (more…)
  • I came to Andy for hypnotherapy at a time in my life when I desperately needed a change of direction. After just one session, I felt much more relaxed, I started sleeping properly again, and managed to think clearly for the first time in months. (more…)
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  • If you are setting any major goals or just want some kind of direction, I really recommend going to Andy for NLP. Andy is very skilled at what he does and I fully recommend him to anyone.
    An emerging fern frond, symbolising growth